Its been a number of years, where has time flown? Seems like the older we get the quicker time passes us by.

Quite a lot has happened, I shall not bore you with the details. I have been out of the kitchen for an extended minute, however still managed to keep a foot in the door, if you know what I mean.

I co-ran a supper club (the sharing supper club), worked on a Sunday pop-up roast in Brixton, started a pop-up brunch with my cousin in Bicester, and did some catering work with an old colleague, for a reputable watch company and a few 50 year old birthday parties.

However with new beginnings, there is expected to be lots of change, nothing too drastic I hope, so with inspiration I decided to write a goal list a 50 by 50, 50 things I would love to achieve before I hit 50 years old. Not quite a bucket list, because I’m not there yet. probably my mid-life crisis. lol

Ben’s 50 by 50 list
1 Restart my blog – Completed
2 Learn to play an instrument
3 Learn a language
4 Maintain weight loss 
5 Own and run Shed on the Med
6 Travel to Cuba
7 Travel to Galapagos
8 Travel Necker Island
9 See Kem in concert
10 Launch my cheesecake business
11 Quit job and be self reliant
12 Go skiing in Japan
13 Eat foetus eggs (Balut)
14 Learn to scuba dive properly
15 Travel to Bora Bora
16 Mentor troubled youths
17 Sky dive
18 Improve swimming skills
19 See the Pyramids at Giza
20 Travel to the Great Wall of China
21 Travel to Machu Picchu
22 See the Taj Mahal
23 See the Christ the Redeemer
24 Travel to Petra, Jordan
25 Travel to Chitchen Itza
26 Become a social media influencer
27 Cook to a Michelin Star standard, by working a stage
28 Publish a book
29 Own a home on the med
30 Travel to every country in Europe
31 Travel to every Continent
32 Own a fitted tuxedo
33 Fly a glider
34 Learn to ride a motorcycle
35 Go whale watching
36 Dance during the midnight sun
37 Have my name on a mortgage
38 Learn to sail
39 Go to Disneyland California
40 Watch a match in Wimbledon
41 Eat beignets in New Orleans
42 Brew my own alcohol
43 Safari in the Serengeti
44 Design my own kitchen in own house
45 Fly business class
46 Go to Easter Island
47 Learn to DJ
48 Learn to play golf
49 Play squash at least once a month, if not every week
50 TBC

So looking at my list, I have several travel destinations, a few business ideas, learn some skills and stuff for my well being.

I pretty much have 6 years and 3 months to accomplish this.

“Challenge Accepted”