Alarm rings. Reach out hit snooze. It’s 5.50 am, 10 more minutes of sleep, 6.00a.m. Time to get up. Sun shining in my face, cold from sleeping with the fan on. Rub my eyes, I could sleep some more. 45 minutes later, showered, dressed and out the door. On my way to the bus stop pick up the Metro newspaper. Front page, Sports page, Centre spread. England’s lose to Germany. It’s going to be a weird day.

Get on the bus, Oyster card reader not working, Yippee I save £1.20.,Not to quick. The one at the far end works, no free journey for me. Headphones broke on the way out, I have to adhere to the sounds of London. Lady sits next to me, Gossiping and bad mouthing everyone, She speaks Yoruba, I understand everything. I do feel sorry for Buki, because Iyabo is going to curse her for starting a quarrel at her 50th birthday. I have the sniffles, so does she. She gets off two stops later. Guy sits next to me, sniffling as well. We ask each other “Hay fever?” We both nod yes. I hate POLLEN.

7.35a.m arrive on Regents Street, completed all 3 Sudoku, My brain is definitely awake. Stroll to work. It’s pretty warm, People in vest tops and shorts are outside coffee shops getting rays. Watch a Dude try to chat up a lady, quite funny sight to see, especially as she was not having it.Way too early people.

Get to work. Suit up. Check deliveries. Get them up 3 flights of stairs. 1st double espresso. Slicing, dicing, chopping, picking, shredding, blanching, washing, grilling.

Oh no Health Inspector is downstairs, panic, calm down, ok. Let’s double check everything. Labels, covers and stickers, It’s all good. Wow awesome. Keep on prepping. 2nd coffee. Hmmm espresso.

12.00 noon, service should start. Monday, it should not be busy. 12.02. First ticket. Table of 4. More tickets. Everyone wants a salad, typical. Its 4 chicken salads. No make 6. , I need another 2. Running out of salad plates. Someone order a burger please. Lunch ends. Fill up section. Clean down. Break time. 2 hours of freedom. Go next door.

Laptop out, another espresso, time to have a constructive break.

Type, click, view, listen, watch, cut, copy, paste, chat, browse, send, update.

2 hours gone, back to work.

Fresh faces, catch up on the past weekend, orders coming through, its still sunny, so its salads and small plates to nibble on, then 7.00pm rolls round, need cold drink with lots of ice, kitchen is a furnace.

Yet another espresso, eyes wide open.

Its getting really busy, no time for thinking, orders been yelled, responses; yes chef, oui chef. How many again chef? How long chef? What do you need now chef?

9.15pm, one table to finish, power surge, did you notice that? yes I did, 2 minutes later, lose electrical power, yikes, no extraction fan, no light, no fridges, its getting smoky. Quickly open the windows, the guests are choking, not seriously.

Panic, Managers running around, phone calls been made to maintenance. No good, we have lost a phase on the circuit, so some are working, but all the kitchens in the building are out

But customers are still hungry. Can only use fryer and solid top, grill is down, had to turn salamander off, the heat has caused the lights above the range to explode, what a mare.

Still everyone is hungry. Waiters ask. “Did you get the ticket?” No, no, no, no ,

Don’t you get it, the printer is not working. Write the orders down,

Its getting darker, we cook with candle light and mobile phones.

Selling tonnes of salads and small plates.

Temp has risen to 55 Degrees, boy it’s hot and stuffy, We take turns cooling down in the walk-in fridges

10.30pm No joy, start moving food from service fridges to walk-in fridges.

Still more food been ordered, please fix this problem.

11.15pm food orders slow down, can breathe.

11.30pm power back on, yippee.

Add burgers to the menu, takes ages for my grill to heat up. Have to take all fish and other meat dishes off the menu,

12.05am home time, what a day, clean down, wash up, get changed, home time.

Falling asleep on the bus, I must be pretty tired.

Get home and zonked out.

Peace Out