On Saturday 25th February marked our 3rd supper club. What is a supper club? A supper club is an underground restaurant, a secret location that hosts an intimate number of diners, simply a restaurant for up to 14 guests at my flat.
It has been the brain child of Jennie for a couple of months now, She introduced me to it and the few we both visited were wonderful.
It is basically a group of diners who possibly don’t know each other, with the company of good food and wine, making a very remarkable evening.

So this last supper club was based on an African themed menu.
Our guests arrived from 7.00pm and were welcomed with kir royal and canapés.
Akara blinis ( made from brown beans) topped with diced blanched tomatoes, red onion, basil and truffle oil. And crab, egg, ginger and coriander on radicchio.
After initial introductions and mingling. They all took their seats on our extra long dining table, and the starters were served.
Honey roast duck, orange segment, beetroot, radish and baby cress. The other starter was
Mixed herbs, sweet peppers and raisins couscous.
While they were tucking in Jennie spent her time replenishing glasses of wine and helping with the main course, which were platters of; Nigerian mixed meat stew, Suya roasted chicken thighs, sundried tomato egusi with spring greens and king prawns. All accompanied with fried plantain and sweet potato mash.
And to finish the course we served honey scented poached pears with saffron and lavender and an African chocolate (dairy free) cake with homemade raspberry coulis.
By 11.00pm with everyone well fed we served teas (earl grey, english breakfast, fresh mint tea) and espressos with a dark chocolate.

We were pleased our guests had a fantastic time with the last of them leaving at about 1.00am.
Our supper club’s aim was to bring people together to have a wonderful evening, meet new people and enjoy good wine and food.

Till the next one.