Typical it is 5.00pm on my way to work, while others are on their
way back, and it is a Friday evening and lot of folks are out for a few
alcoholic beverages.
I’m sitting on the tube people watching (discretely), and I can decipher their end destination. Some are off home, some
off to the theatre and a great majority are on the way to getting absolutely hammered. The
thoughts that came to mind are as follows.
Some of these folks will go out and have a splendid evening, some
would not, mainly because some others will enjoy themselves by making the
second group of people miserable. The question now is, why would this
behaviour be condoned?
Well we would blame this on alcohol abuse.

So how did society get to this state, where the most common excuse for
enjoying a night out is to over indulge in alcohol. My cousin simplified
this to me over lunch. The present government legislation:
councils have to grant alcohol licenses to new establishments
regardless of the number of existing ones in any given area. It
is the over saturation of bars competing for patronage, offering all kinds of
ridiculous deals, just like we are on our annual pilgrimage to the
party destinations such as Spain, Greece and the canary islands, to mention a few.
Old Compton street Soho is clustered with bar TOUTS persuading punters
to visit their bars and clubs, with offers such as; all night happy
HOUR, £5 entry drink all you can to free this and free that.

And then tax payer’s money is spent on policing the streets, which
could have gone to better use elsewhere.

So what do we do about it. Drink responsibly? Reduce the amount of
watering holes, fine establishments responsible for promoting cheap
excessive drinking. abide by the alcohol awareness “drink responsibly” campaigns

Or maybe we train our children to understand alcohol like the French do.

Its not about how much you can stomach, how many different types you can combine and how much money you can spend on booze.

Who ever is out tonight, enjoy it. But make sure that nobody nor
yourself ruin your night out.

Catch you later.