Wow just on my way home from a chef meetings on my day off, Sad I know. But I gotta have a couple of pints in the sunshine. As I was approaching Tottenham court road tube station. Gilbert and I stopped to listen to this street musician busker type fellow, Lewis Floyd Henry. He was definitely on something but the tunes he was jamming were amazing. Armed with an electric guitar and a pair of foot drums.

He was banging out the perfect rock tunes to captivate a crowd. As we approached he finished the last tune. Then began playing Motorhead’s Ace of spade. He was strumming along like a true rocker, and singing along is a different tune,

His voice reminded me of the white strips.

Consequently as that ended, I screamed out seven nation army, but as he was deep in thought, he proceeded to play the James bond theme tune (composed by Monty Norman). I knew I was running late. So I dropped a couple of quid in his guitar case

and started heading off to the station when he started playing my

request. An unusual version of White strip’s seven nation army. But never the less. He sounded very original and sang it with a completely different tune and key.

But wow I could have stayed there all night. Listening to a man trying to make a living while doing what he loves to do best. What is his background story? I would never find out, but I do presume that he had tried very much to become a musician but has failed at accomplishing his goal. But still maybe has the hope that one day he would get there. A Jimmy Hendrix copy maybe. Is there any more room for black rock artists? I know that there are not that many around, and you have to be extremely talented to crossover music genres.

I think the other ones to achieve such is; Lenny Kravitz, Skins from Skunk anansie and Lead singer Kele Okereke (Nigerian I should mention) of Bloc party I might be wrong about that, so if you know any more please school me.

What’s my point? Basically as a black man or woman in a western world you need to be at the top of your game to be successful in everything or anything you set out to accomplish. (As once said “success is a deterrent to racism”) I know my generation are working hard at achieving this, But with the next generation; what is going on? I pray that there is still hope out there.

So people work extremely hard, and be ahead of the game, to succeed in life. Do what you love to do and be the best at it, because the rewards of success are only gained through hard work, but it is easier when you love what you are doing.

Food for thought

Peace out and much love