Les Miserable

Why are Londoners so miserable on the tube. My goodness, no matter what time I get on public transport everyone looks so tender; you would wonder what reasons they have to be miserable. I tend to get on the tube on my way to work at either 7.15am for a morning shift or at 3.15pm for a dinner shift. And regardless of the time, these folks cannot manage a smile.

Everyone me included either bury their heads in papers or books some others relish in their little iPod bubble. I personally do both. People sit close to each, some standing in each others spaces, but still we become oblivious to our neighbour.

Some times I like to glance at others and wonder what’s going on in their lives. Very hard to figure out. Especially not being a mind reader. So I can only speculate. I’m on the tube yet again. I should thank the northern line for most of my inspirational thinking. I am sitting in the middle seat in the middle of the carriage. Which happens in the middle of the train. So logic should denote that I am centre of attention. I wish! Next to me a guy who is constantly reading the adverts above our heads, pretending not to be bored. The ladies opposite me are silently battling for the arm rest. While trying to turn pages of the London lite, 2 guys are having a conversation. They are still upset about Liverpool losing at Anfield. Mother and daughter; Daughter is asking a 101 questions. Pretty lady in front of me, but frontin to high heavens. Station stop, the dynamics of the train have changed. But the new arrivals are in the same ignore everyone mood. .hold on (pretty lady in front of me is checking me out) no wait, actually my keypad noise is irritating her, better put my phone in silent mode.

What is it with this city? That everyone ignores everyone else. And they look like they would rather jump off a bridge ,rather than engage in conversation. Actually if you think about it most people do not know their neighbours at home. So why is London one of the most sociable city in the world yet the residents are not?

Imagine a London where people acknowledge each other in public. Where you can strike up a conversation and talk about random topics for the duration. Wish the other person a good day even though you might never see each other again. This great gesture could make someone’s day. Instead we seem to be content in our little bubbles. Maybe each of us can start by saying a greeting to the person next to us and give a smile.

You should never under estimate the power of a smile.

Till next time